Guidelines for prospective graduate students and postdocs from abroad

If you are interested in joining one of our working groups please check the web page for current vacancies and/or directly contact the working group leader. In case of mutual interest, you will be assisted in outlining a proposal that is well coordinated with our current projects. We welcome your input and ideas - it will facilitate the whole process if you specify your experience, your specific interests and the fields where you expect to gain new knowledge during your research stay. Please contact us in advance before transmitting any not coordinated project-proposals.

Additionally please make yourself familiar with procedures in grant application. Having already a grant for a project that fits in our research programms, would be a good basis for a cooperation.  If not, we suggest to get familiar with one of the following websites or contact the Austrian embassy in your home-country.

Centre for international relationship (BOKU)

Austrian service for international exchange - "Österreichischer Austauschdienst" (OEAD)

Project fund rising - "Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung" (FWF)

Marie Curie Grant of European Union


PhD's studying plans

Curriculums and guidelines doctoral studies